Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting


Abstract Fee:

There is no abstract fee. 

You are not required to register for the meeting prior to submitting an abstract, however, if your abstract is selected for presentation, the presenter of the abstract must register to attend the meeting before the presentation is confirmed.

Abstract Guidelines:

Due to limited poster space, one abstract will be accepted for poster presentation per registrant. 
Format your abstract as a PDF file, and email your abstract as you would like it to appear on the BrainSTIM meeting website.
Abstracts should be formatted to include the following: 

- Title – up to 100 characters
- Authors and Affiliations
- Introduction, Methods, Results, Conclusions - There is no space limit, but please keep to a reasonable length
- Figures (optional) - See guidelines below
- References

Please include sufficient detail in your methods and results sections to enable readers to have a clear understanding of what data have been collected and what results have been observed.  For example, where appropriate please include information on data acquisition, data processing, number of subjects tested, quantitative results and statistics, etc.
Guidelines for including figures in your abstract:

There is no limit to the number of figures. Figures should be included in the PDF abstract file submitted.


In the body of the email, please copy and paste the following, and answer the questions listed.  This will help us to assign reviewers and to contact you later:

  • Name of presenting author (First and Last):
  • Name of contributing author (if different):
  • Name of submitter (if different from authors):
  • Abstract title:
  • Preferred email address of presenting author:
  • Preferred email address of submitter (if different than presenting author):
  • Organization (Name of University, Hospital, Business, etc.):
  • Location (City, State/Provence, Country):
  • Type(s) of stimulation method(s) used or examined (e.g. tDCS,TMS, tFUS, or list what other):
  • Type(s) of imaging method(s) used or examined (EEG, fMRI, NIRS, or list what other):
  • Main clinical or theoretical topic of abstract (addiction, attention, individualized stimulation, etc.):
  • If accepted, would you like to give an oral presentation, or prefer a poster?